Wedding Fairs - Experience the Magic of Wedding Planning

March 17th, 2024

Love is undoubtedly the most beautiful emotion to experience and share. It is a journey that becomes more special as you move towards your wedding day, a day you have dreamt of since forever. And a wedding fair is a chance you wouldn't want to miss. It is usually a free entry event (although for some you might have to buy a ticket), and what is more, you are welcomed with free drinks and goody bags on arrival! Many fairs tend to be open from 10 am to 3 pm, giving you ample time to explore and enjoy.
Between the months of January and May, you might find a fair is happening every Sunday, giving you plenty of opportunity to meet many vendors and starting a pre-selection of those you and your partner had a positive vibe from. Fairs are organised to be a one-stop destination where you will find everything you need to plan your special day. From unique wedding decor ideas to stunning venues, from bridal boutiques to wedding photographers, to wedding entertainers.


The Venues' teams are present on-site to answer any queries you have about saying 'I Do' at their splendid venues. Their expertise and assistance will undoubtedly make your wedding planning process a breeze.
As a professional wedding photographer, I strive to exhibit at a wedding fair every Sunday. As I am excited to meet you, learn about your wedding plans, showcase my products and services, and walk you through my packages. Every wedding is unique, and I aim to capture the essence of your love story beautifully through my lens.

And that is not all, attendees of the Wedding Fair are in for a special treat - a bonus discount on my photography services!
And other suppliers will be there to surprise you with their special fairs' unique offers too.
So my recommendation is to book as many fairs as possible - as you begin your planning journey. It could be overwhelming if done alone, build your team hiring the best suppliers to help you make your dream day become a reality!